About Diane Wing

Diane Wing, M.A., is a multi-published author of dark fantasy fiction, cozy mysteries, and enlightening non-fiction. Her work helps people see the magickal, spiritual, loving side of life with a practical edge.

Diane Wing views the world as beautiful and mysterious, filled with things to learn and experience. The path led her to become a lifetime student of metaphysics, mysticism, magick, and spirituality and to achieve a Master’s degree in psychology… and it all shows up in her writing. You never know what’s waiting around the bend.

Diane Wing grew up in a household where her vivid imagination could thrive. Crafting short stories and poetry from an early age, writing remained part of her life throughout her 25-year corporate career. Diane seeks to help the reader find the flame of their own unique path sparked by her stories and insights for personal growth.

Mystery plays a big part - the mysteries of the self and our place in the world; the quest for the self within relationships and as a result of our challenges - regardless of genre. She writes entertaining cozy mysteries, dark fantasy fiction that explores the shadow side of life, and spiritual/psychological non-fiction about the mystery of self-awareness and development.

Diane is an avid reader, bibliophile, lover of trees and animals, and a lifelong learner. After the sad loss of Chrissy, the inspiration for the Chrissy's Mysteries series, she and her husband are now pet parents to Lily, a Shih Tzu mix, and Chiquita, a Chihuahua.


Wing’s books create a transformational experience for the reader while incorporating a bit of the unexpected. Many say that her fiction has a sense of Karmic justice rendered within the realm of the unknown and that her non-fiction brings about a heightened awareness of the self and the world to enhance understanding of our own internal transformations.


Her games, Pathways and Insight Stones®, are systems of metaphysics designed to facilitate self-discovery, develop intuitive ability, and to enhance self-awareness.


The emphasis of her school, Wing Academy of Unfoldment, and of her radio show, Wing Academy Radio, helps students and listeners learn ways to take metaphysical and personal development concepts and apply them to everyday life in their own distinct way. It’s about going deeper and seeing the patterns of your life. 

Learn more about Diane's courses and other content at DianeWing.com

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