Diane Wing featured on the cover of OM Times Magazine

OM Times Magazine interviewed author, Diane Wing, and featured her on their cover.  Interview by Liane Buck, Editor in Chief.


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  • Keep the Lesson, Lose the Drama
    With so much drama in society, the last place you want to experience drama is in your own life. Drama carries with it destructive energies, but as with all vibrational patterns, also includes a useful side. Drama ranks at Level 6 of the Wing Vibrational Scale. Take the quiz to see where you're vibrating and […]
  • Transformative Tips for Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home
    March 9, 2021 by Emily Huddleston Do you have a sacred space at home that’s just for you? Somewhere you can go to take a break from the outside world. A tranquil area where you can breathe deep, sit in meditation, practice yoga, or just exist.  A place that encourages quietness.  If you don’t have a space […]
  • In Our Separateness, We are Together on this Path
    While each person's circumstances are different, the unknown and unpredictable nature of our global health crisis is manifesting in generalized anxiety. Let's see what we can do to mitigate the heaviness of this energy and lift the vibrational frequency of the world to help everyone deal with this more effectively. Major changes call for major […]
  • How to Make the Most of this New Reality
    The majority of the spiritual community considers the pandemic to be a reboot of the world, creating a needed shift. It shows how we are one and in this together. Our breath supports and connects us, but we need to cut off the breath between us to avoid infection. At the same time, we’re shifting […]
  • What is this Time of Turbulence Really About?
    We are in a time of profound transformation. The turbulence we’re experiencing serves as an energetic eruption designed to create change within ourselves and in society. When we push down troublesome issues for too long, pressure builds and results in an explosion meant to clear the way for fresh ideas and ways of living and being. […]
  • Need to gain trust? It's Easy If You Use the 3 C's
    Trust is the key to any healthy relationship. Whether it is a personal or business interaction, trust allows for open communication and mutual respect. It sets the participants up for a win-win and a higher likelihood that pleasant, peaceful, and productive dialogue can take place. Enjoyment also increases when there is trust. Yet we've all encountered […]
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