Diane Wing featured on the cover of OM Times Magazine

OM Times Magazine interviewed author, Diane Wing, and featured her on their cover.  Interview by Liane Buck, Editor in Chief.


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  • 25 Tips to Overcome Situational Depression
    A bout of depression can occur when difficult or unexpected situations take place. Even sustained stress can create a depressed state of mind. Helplessness, hopelessness, and a sense of giving up characterize depression. The world seems gray and lifeless. In this article, I’m not talking about clinical, long-term depression, but rather short-term, situational depression resulting […]
  • 20 Tips for Successful Living
    There is a lot of information on the Web about success; success in business, success in relationships, success at work. Most strategies focus on specific outcomes, and then we wonder why there is no balance in life. Success may only manifest in one aspect of life. The following tips apply to all facets of life. […]
  • 20 Ways to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency
    Lots of folks are feeling stuck, sluggish, and uninspired these days. It may be that you've reached a plateau or that the same old energies that have been with you for years keep you mired in the same old patterns. You may first want to take the Wing Vibrational Quiz to get a baseline of […]
  • Are You Functioning to Your Potential?
    I spent the morning doing major weeding in my yard. This includes clearing moss and overgrown creeping weeds and grass covering the flagstones. Over the years, the flagstone footpath shrunk, each stone smaller than when we installed them. As I pushed, tugged, and peeled back the overgrowth, a much larger stone emerged, providing a solid […]
  • Take a Summer Reading Vacation
    With summer around the corner, vacation time is on most people's minds. Physically going to a faraway place isn't an option for many, but it's possible for everyone to journey in their minds to fantastic places, real and imagined. I've done it by taking "reading vacations." This is where I would select five books, fiction, […]
  • Keep the Lesson, Lose the Drama
    With so much drama in society, the last place you want to experience drama is in your own life. Drama carries with it destructive energies, but as with all vibrational patterns, also includes a useful side. Drama ranks at Level 6 of the Wing Vibrational Scale. Take the quiz to see where you're vibrating and […]
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