Coven The Scrolls of the Four Winds

Treachery ignites an otherworldly battle between good and evil.

Centuries have passed since the Coven of the Triad Witches, once charged with protecting the Scrolls of the Four Winds, was betrayed and their memories cast into darkness. They have reincarnated together in many lifetimes, but this time, one of their own intends to wield the power of the Scrolls herself. Sisters in magic with ties more binding than blood, they must face a dangerous journey to rekindle ancient powers and fulfill their true destiny.

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Love, gratitude, friendship, discernment, sincerity, and bonds of physical dimension on the callings of our eternal Soul. You will find it all in Coven.

Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

The whole time reading it I was enjoying the story and failed to see that by the time I was through I was actually learning valuable lessons.

Kelly Withers

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