Forest of the Dead Stories of Transformation

Welcome to Willow Ponds cemetery, or, as the locals call it, Forest of the Dead, a secluded 500-acre forested paradise occupied only by the spirits of those laid to rest there. Hidden within its magnificent trees are their stories. Samuel Jones finds himself on an unexpected expedition through Willow Ponds to fulfill the requirements of his late mother's will and pay his last respects. Why Samuel's mother wanted to be buried in these dark woods is a mystery.

To receive his inheritance, Samuel must disrupt his life, sell the family home, move near Willow Ponds, and visit regularly. There, he encounters spirits residing within the trees who share the wisdom of their lives. What begins as an obligation quickly becomes a life-changing initiation that takes Samuel on the path of enlightenment to his true destiny.

This collection of magical realism short stories invites readers to join Samuel's extraordinary journey of transformation and purpose. You may find yourself along the way.

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Diane Wing is the author of ....
Forest of the Dead

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