Thorne Manor And Other Bizarre Tales

Thorne Manor and other bizarre tales takes you on a journey through madness with haunted people and places.

The reader enters a reality where the world only appears normal -- underlying is a dark world of occult influence, dangerous beliefs, and fearsome energies.

These 7 page-turning tales appear in this collection:

  • Thorne Manor

    Meet Heather, a woman trying to separate herself from an emotionally abusive ex-husband. While pursuing her dream of opening a business, she finds herself in an old, abandoned mansion that houses a sinister secret.

  • Guardian at the Gate

    A demon with plans to take over the world is given a leadership makeover.

  • The Black Sheep

    A troubled, clairaudient girl rejects her psychotherapist when a new spirit begins to counsel her.

  • The Quiet Neighbors

    A housewife's first attempt at witchcraft backfires.

  • By Invitation Only

    A grieving pet owner is visited by an unusual creature.

  • Dream State

    A woman's dreams become deadly reality.

  • Good Riddance

    A man's hatred for cats creates an unexpected result.

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I love your stories! So good and engaging! I couldn't put Thorne Manor down.

Misha H.

I loved Thorne Manor ... actually could not stop reading it. Was well written and kept my attention from the beginning. I liked the short stories as well.

Sue W.

I loved [The Black Sheep]! You did a great job at creating scenes and Amy's thought. Great story, creepy.

Donnie M.

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