Diane Wing featured on the cover of OM Times Magazine

OM Times Magazine interviewed author, Diane Wing, and featured her on their cover.  Interview by Liane Buck, Editor in Chief.

OM Times: You are a published author, and in many of your books, you provide educating points that help people understand their own internal transformations. How would you classify the difference between the old traditional teachings and the New Age philosophy?

DW: The time of magic bullets, quick fixes, giving away power, and “wishcraft” are behind us. It takes years, if not a lifetime to truly understand oneself and one’s place in the Universe, and the old traditions emphasized this fact. It is time to return to the idea of healing yourself before healing others, and letting go of all that holds you back—beliefs, history, negative emotions and thoughts—comes before entering into the practice of any sort of healing, guidance, or divination for others.

Read the OM Times interview

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