Forest of the Dead

Welcome to Willow Ponds cemetery, or, as the locals call it, Forest of the Dead, a secluded 500-acre forested paradise occupied only by the spirits of those laid to rest there. Hidden within its magnificent trees are their stories.

Trips to the Edge: Tales of the Unexpected

Kick back and enjoy this mini-anthology of spine-tingling short stories. Now available on Audible and Apple Tunes!

Trips to the Edge is surely that! Visually mesmerizing and breathtaking. If Pink Floyd, the Grateful Dead, and Led Zeppelin wrote a book together, it would read like Trips to the Edge.

Annette Sadelson

Thorne Manor: And Other Bizarre Tales

Thorne Manor and other bizarre tales takes you on a journey through madness with haunted people and places.

I loved [The Black Sheep]! You did a great job at creating scenes and Amy's thought. Great story, creepy.

Donnie M.

Coven: The Scrolls of the Four Winds

Treachery ignites an otherworldly battle between good and evil.

The whole time reading it I was enjoying the story and failed to see that by the time I was through I was actually learning valuable lessons.

Kelly Withers
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