The True Nature of Tarot: Your Path to Personal Empowerment

The True Nature of Tarot dispels the myths and negative connotations that surround the tarot by sharing the personal experiences and techniques of the author Diane Wing.

The True Nature of Tarot is the book to read for anyone interested in tarot as a hobby or as a professional. You will be inspired to be best in these pages and become an A+ tarot reader by following Diane Wing's guidance. Diane infuses kindness and spirituality into her work and shows the reader how easy it is to be helpful even when turning up a card that could have negative interpretations.

Kac Young Ph.D., ND, DCH

The True Nature of Energy: Transforming Anxiety Into Tranquility

The energies within and around you can be a major source of anxiety. Harness the power of energetic consciousness at your fingertips and create tranquility in your life.

I can thoroughly recommend this book as a guide to living. If Diane's way of seeing the world resonates with you, she will be able to help you to transform your life. In fact, reading the book in the process of editing it has changed me in positive ways. Her writing will do the same for you.

Bob Rich, PhD

The Happiness Perspective: Seeing Your Life Differently

Have you heard that happiness is just a state of mind, but you don’t know how to attain that state? Diane Wing, a teacher and life path coach has unlocked the secrets that make happiness possible.

The Happiness Perspective is filled with tips and techniques that work to change your worldview and bring calmness into your life. I know because I've tried many of these techniques myself, learning how to do less and enjoy life more.

Tyler R. Tichelaar, PhD.
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